Experienced General Contractor
United Pro Construction is your one-stop solution for roofing, siding, gutters, chimneys, remodeling and new construction. Our crews have over 15 years experience and have earned a reputation for integrity and reliability.
Residential & Commercial Roofer
We are skilled at handling shingle and rubber roofing installations on roofs of all sizes. In addition to installations, we do inspections, maintenance and repairs. Trust United Pro Construction with your next project.
Expert Siding Contractor
From vinyl to cedar shake, United Pro Construction expertly installs siding that offers excellent protection against the elements. United Pro Construction has built a reputation for reliability, competitive pricing and integrity.

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    Projects Completed
    United Pro Construction has been in business for nearly 20 years. Our crews have the skills and experience to re-roof your home or commercial building, remodel your kitchen or bathroom, waterproof your chimney or replace your siding – to your complete satisfaction.
    Team Members
    Residential Projects
    Commercial Projects
    Our Services
    United Pro Construction offers a variety of services for all your remodeling and construction needs.
    United Pro Construction installs durable roofs on industrial and commercial buildings and smaller systems on single-family homes. We handle the installation, repair and maintenance of asphalt shingle and rubber roofs.
    Siding & Windows
    Protect your home’s exterior with cedar shake, Hardie/cement board or vinyl siding that will last for years. Replacing old windows will eliminate drafts, save on energy costs and help keep your interior temperature at a comfortable level.
    Avoid leaks inside your home and damage to the foundation by making sure your gutters are in good condition. If they’re not, we can repair them or install a highly efficient gutter system that will keep water flowing where it should.
    As a general contractor, we can remodel every room in your house. Whatever you want done, with United Pro Construction, you’ll get more for your money. Kitchens and bathrooms are the rooms we are most often asked to remodel.

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      HomeAdvisor lets you connect quickly with pre-screened professionals and compare local businesses. United Pro Construction has an established track record and a 96% "recommended" rating on HomeAdvisor. You won't be disappointed!

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